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14.10.2015 | Marketing. Strategy. Video.

  • Posted by Matthew Stone
  • Following a move to become an Academy and a rebrand, Truro Learning Academy (formally Treyew Primary School) approached MPAD to help build the school’s reputation, generate positive media coverage and boost pupil numbers.


    Creation of emotive yet informative messages to be sent out through social media, production of video to display a day at TLA, positive press in the areas surrounding the school, increased encouragement of parent engagement direct from Head of School.


    MPAD worked with the school to establish its key messages and unique selling points. James Gentile, Head of School, was identified as a confident and likeable spokesperson for the school and was used to represent “a new school for Truro”. We conveyed his message and the changed ethos of the school through a short video, capturing every day life inside TLA; which included both children and staff playing football at breaktime. The video was then boosted on Facebook, specifically targeting parents aged between 20-40 in close proximity of TLA. To ensure that positivity filled TLA’s Facebook page, we posted regular photo-led updates, set up filters and monitored responses from the online community. To accompany the Facebook campaign, we placed adverts in The West Briton, Blackbird Pie and Octopus Magazine to reinforce the key message of TLA being “a new school for Truro”.


    Truro Learning Academy received an increased number of both first, second and third choices this year and began the academic year with 28 children in reception; a 100% increase from the previous year. TLA also has a good following within the surrounding community, with the majority of people speaking fondly of the changes that have been made to the school. Online, TLA has its own “brand adorers” and receives positive feedback on a very regular basis from those with children at the school. Truro Learning Academy has also strengthened its relationships with the local and national media; they often receive calls from the ITV, BBC and have coverage in the West Briton.


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