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01.02.2016 | Website Design.

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    The brief

    Active Plus is an organisation that run courses for a number of groups in society including vulnerable young people, the elderly and the long term unemployed. The courses are delivered by injured, wounded and sick military veterans, utilising their skills to share stories, promote co-operation, confidence and problem solving skills.

    MPAD was commissioned to redesign and redevelop the website and to produce a series of short films that communicate what the organisation is about.

    The solution

    One of the issues with dealing with military veterans is their confidence talking about their situations. MPAD worked to break down the barriers that the veterans put up, gaining their trust and confidence which then enabled them to tell their stories openly and honestly.

    Empathy and patience are key to this and our team was able to achieve this because we employ trained journalists, used to dealing with anxious and camera shy interviewees. We believe that everyone has their story to tell and we can help to unlock that story.

    Active Plus Laptop Mockup Small


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