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  • We’ve carved pumpkins, crowded around bonfires and “ooo’ed” at fireworks, which means one thing: Christmas adverts are a go!

    Over the years there’s been some brilliant adverts from the big guns in retail, usually involving a heart wrenching story line or adorable animals, but this year one particular organisation has really impressed us.

    John Lewis’ Christmas adverts are always something special, and this year was no exception. In fact this year, I was in admiration of the whole company. As I watched for the first time my eyes started to well up and I could feel my heartstrings being pulled – but this time it wasn’t because of an adorable animal.

    For those of you who haven’t seen the advert, it takes the theme of the man in the moon and a young girls mission to communicate with him. After varied failed attempts of sending him messages, such as paper aeroplanes, her message finally reaches him via balloon. By this point it’s all getting rather emotional. Then there’s a present attached, a telescope! The story ends with a tearful man on the moon seeing the young girl looking back at him through her own telescope. Two generations are united, and the loneliness is no more.


    This advert engages with us on so many levels. Firstly the combination of the classic man in the moon story that we all heard as children and the emotive music captures the audience straight away by bringing back those ever so precious childhood memories.


    This feeling then turns to empathy as we see a fed-up lonely old man. All of a sudden we’re thinking of our grandparents and older friends, questioning if they feel as miserable at Christmas. Have we really been that oblivious?


    Finally, if all this wasn’t enough, the charismatic young girl’s determination to connect with the man on the moon fills us with hope and maybe even a little bit of guilt that we’ve been so ignorant to the way that others may be feeling. Suddenly we want to take action, make a difference and put the world to rights!


    This advert is nothing short of brilliant, not only does it promote John Lewis stores, but it also raises awareness of the negative feelings that the older generation may be feeling throughout the year but especially at Christmas.
    John Lewis’ teaming up with Age UK is brilliant. Of course, the advert’s there to encourage the British public to spend their hard-earned cash with them but it’s heart-warming to see such a large organisation using their reputation to have a positive impact on those who need a little help.


    It’s safe to say John Lewis, you’ve done it again; mission accomplished.

    To discover ways of helping the elderly and to support Age UK, visit www.ageuk.org.uk

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