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22.05.2017 |

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  • It’s always great to see a campaign that has a simple and powerful message that makes a positive impact.
    On a trip to Wales over the weekend, we came across a stand in a shopping centre in Cardiff displaying some really cool prints. Further inspection, as well as a clear and concise introduction from one of the team on the stand, gave us a overview of We ♥️s The ‘Diff – a project aimed at supporting three charities (Huggard, Llamau and The Wallich)  working in the homelessness sector in Cardiff.
    The campaign is simple: during five Saturdays in April and May, the team at I Loves The ‘Diff will release five limited edition prints, which each relate to Cardiff.
    What was great about this was that the prints featured great designs and were available for just £3 each. On top of that you got a We ♥️s The ‘Diff canvas shopping bag thrown in.
    A combination of the powerful story and message, the engaging team talking to people, the cool prints and a great price made the buying decision easy. So much so that we got two.
    At the point in time we were at the stand the project had raised just under £11,000, which will be split equally between the three charities to help them carry on the work to support homeless people in the city.
    After recently attending a charity conference, as well as gathering information from speaking to clients and friends in the charity sector, that donor fatigue is a real issue at the moment. So a creative and engaging project like this is really clever way to overcome that issue.
    Find out more about the project, as well as view the prints, check out the link here.
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