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01.08.2019 |

  • Posted by Mark Picken
  • MPAD is bringing Content Design to Cornwall

    One of the biggest challenges over the last few years has been promoting the idea of UX (user experience) and content design in Cornwall. 

    It’s easy to say that the market is very traditional here, however, we have been part of this for a long time.

    “That’s what we’ve always done”

    I feel like we have been differentiating ourselves a lot, especially over the last 12 months.

    We’re aiming to get organisations  to move away from wanting the traditional press release, blog posts that are 800 words of solid text, brochures or a standard 10-page website because ‘that’s what they’ve always done’.

    But it has its challenges. 

    Education, Education, Education

    We have been in a period of education and much of this has involved talking to people about the process.

    It’s starting to build momentum and we’re working with some amazing companies here in Cornwall.

    They are allowing us to work in this way, as well as experiment to find the best results for them and their clients.

    Who does it well?

    We’ve found that engineering and manufacturing businesses get this because our process is lean, agile and we use mapping, just like these businesses do every day.

    We’re passionate about this process as it puts the users first. It means that businesses focus on what their customers want and actually answer those user needs, or pain points, through their marketing.

    For example, when we first started working with Blue Flame we changed the way that they spoke about their services. People didn’t want to know that the company had got 60 vans and accreditation in this and that; they wanted to know that if they had no heat or hot water due to a broken boiler that it could be fixed quickly.

    You could say it’s customer service. 

    And Blue Flame have made UX a part of their customer service process and they are benefiting. Not only from helping customers find the information they need quickly, but also through recognition. In the last year the company has won customer service awards at the Western Morning News Business Awards and the Cornwall Business Awards. Their user experience approach has played a huge part in this success.

    How is this changing our business?

    Well, we’re more choosy about the project we work on. We’ve even started to say no to tenders, or challenging them in pitches, because we believe in this process so much.

    Although, we’ve always had a history of challenging tenders!

    Bringing Content Design to Cornwall

    One thing we were very excited about in July was helping to bring Sarah Richards, the founder of the content design process, to Cornwall to run the first ever content design workshop here!

    Thanks to the team at Cultivator Cornwall, the session inspired a group of pioneers to find out more about the process and hopefully become as passionate about it as we are. Although a lot of the attendees have already experienced listening to us banging on about UX and content design for several months!

    2 decades of MPAD!

    Oh, and we also celebrated our 20th birthday on 1 July. 

    But rather than reflect on the past and 2 decades of helping businesses to reach customers, our aim is to keep moving forward, to keep learning, to keep developing and always push ourselves to provide the best solutions to support our clients.


    I guess this post is more of a review of what we’ve experienced to date since we started this process. There are challenges to take people on this journey with us, but it is incredibly exciting and does make a positive impact – something that we’ve always aimed to do.

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