Year of UX – February 2019

04.03.2019 |

  • Posted by Mark Picken
  • MPAD Year of UX - mapping user needs and user journeys for content design

    While our Year of UX officially started back in October 2018, we’re creating a month-by-month guide during 2019 highlighting the successes and challenges we’ve had during each month.


    Here’s how February looked for us…..


    How to turn 49 pages of content into just 6 pages

    We’ve been having fun using the content design techniques that Mark learnt on the Content Design London course in London in January.

    We’ve really enjoyed using our UX content process that we developed over the last 3 years, but the process developed by Sarah Richards is immense. It really does get results.

    One of Sarah’s favourite phrases is: “Not more content, smarter content.”

    And this really is true of the work we’ve been doing with Blue Flame. We’ve reviewed the site we developed over 2 years ago, and checked to see which pages were working and which ones weren’t.

    As a result we created new user needs and user journeys for the landlord and business sections of the site. The outcome will see us removing 49 pages of content that didn’t work as we planned, and replace that with just 6 (yes, SIX!) pages of content that is more efficient and hits the spot in terms of what Blue Flame’s customers want.


    More businesses are buying into our process

    Despite the team being struck down by the bug that has been doing the rounds during February, we have managed to run user needs workshops for 2 clients – 1 brand new client and 1 we’ve worked with before.

    Both offer a different service, but we used the same process to deliver better content. The 2 new websites are now in design and development phase and we’re aiming to launch them by the end of the month.

    We’re excited about these sites as the businesses are effectively starting from scratch, so we can really measure and monitor the impact that our process has for them.

    The returning client said that they were really unsure of the process when we began, but by the end of it they were ready to book in their next workshop and went away brimming with ideas around user needs. 


    MPAD website

    We’re making headway with revamping the MPAD website. We’ve refined the sitemap, as well as agreed the aims for the site and a plan for content.

    Now, just need to start writing that content!


    Here’s our February challenges



    Getting feedback is key to helping us to develop our process and finish the Year of UX with a product that delivers results for our clients, is easy to understand and makes us some money.

    There seems to be something that makes people feel uncomfortable about giving feedback, and we need more of it! 

    If you want to comment on our processes, or have opinions on our messaging, then please get in touch. We’ll even treat you to tea and cake!



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