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    Sitting in MPAD towers it’s easy to lose touch with ‘The Kids’ – which is why the yearly work experience period is so vital to us.

    Last week we were lucky enough to be joined by Jay Banks who apart from being a whizz with Photoshop and full of great ideas was also somewhat of a Zen Master at Pokemon Go.

    Baffled, bemused and darned confused we asked him to give us an idiots guide to the craze that has taken the planet by storm and crashed servers across the globe.

    Sit down, this may take a while:


    Pokémon Go in an international phenomenon and if you think this video is crazy, you’re right!


    What’s It All About?

    The aim of the game is to walk around, with the app open on your mobile device, and as you are doing this Pokémon will appear around you. Different Pokémon will appear in different locations, for example water types will be found near water and bug types will be found near forests and parks, etc. The app uses Google and Mobile Data to determine your location.

    Catching Pokémon

    Once you have located a Pokémon it will appear on your screen and your phone will vibrate. To catch the Pokémon you have to tap on it this will open up your camera and display the Pokémon, to make it look as if the Pokémon is truly there in front of you. Now comes the most challenging part, you have to flick PokéBalls at the Pokémon and hit Pokémon with the in order to make the capture. But, if you miss or the Pokémon breaks free you will lose this PokéBall forever. This is one of the major in app purchases as a user can easily run out of PokéBalls making it impossible to continue with your progress in the game. However, these PokéBalls can be found at PokéStops.

    PokéStops and Eggs

    These are locations such as monuments and statues that when you get close enough to them you can spin a circle on your screen and it with give you resources such as PokéBalls, Potions (used to heal Pokémon after a battle) and eggs. Eggs are a part of the game, which truly does force users to go outside as in order to hatch the eggs you have to walk certain distances; these are 2km (common), 5km (uncommon) and 10km (rare). After you have walked the distance that is required a message will appear on your screen showing an animation of your egg hatching and revealing the Pokémon that you have hatched, before this there is no sign of what the Pokémon will be. Now back to PokéStops, these have caused protests in different parts of the World as some are located at Police Stations, meaning people have got a bit too close and actually just end up walking in saying they are just catching Pokémon and will be out in a minute. Another reason people don’t like these is because in America a PokéStop is located at a War Memorial and a few people believe that this is disrespectful.

    Incense, Lures, Revives, Potions and Lucky Eggs

    Another item that can be found in the game is incense this allows the user to attract Pokémon to them, without them having to move. This can be gained through in app purchases and by levelling up. The next feature I am going to be talking about is lures. This is an item that can be gained by either a purchase or levelling up. It can be placed on a PokéStop if you are it is in your range and Pokémon will be attracted to this PokéStop (a bit like incense). However, this will also effect people around you, for example if someone is also at the PokéStop they will also be able to see the Pokémon that are attracted to it. Potions and revives are also useful especially if you are going around attacking gyms and claiming them for your chosen team. Revives allow you to wake your Pokémon up after they have fainted in battle, whereas potions help to heal your Pokémon (after they have been revived). They are gained by levelling up and visiting PokéStops. Lucky eggs can be gained by levelling up. They give you double xp for a short while. This helps when trying to level up to gain more resources.



    The next feature is Gyms. Once you reach rank five you will be asked to select Team Instinct (yellow), Team Mystic (blue) or Team Valor (red). It is important to note that you cannot change teams after this choice. The most popular teams are Mystic and Valor. Back to gyms, you may notice them around your area, as they are much larger than PokéStops. If they are white and have no Pokémon perched on the top this means that they have not yet been claimed, to claim them you simply tap on them and choose a Pokémon to defend your gym from other attackers. If the gym is a the colour of the team you have chosen this means that your team already owns this gym, you can help them by placing one of your own Pokémon to help defend the gym from other teams that may try to steal it for there own team. Finally, if the gym is claimed by another team you can battle it with up to six of your own Pokémon in an attempt to claim it for your own team. However, this may take more than one battle to defeat the gym fully as you have to knock the point system down to zero not just defeat the Pokémon. After you have done this, the gym will go back to white and you can claim it.



    After you catch a Pokémon you will notice that you will gain three (name of Pokémon) candies. These candies will allow you to evolve your Pokémon, into a stronger Pokémon that will look slightly different to the one you already have. There are other ways to gain candies for your Pokémon rather than just catching loads of them. For example hatching an egg will give you over 15 candies for the type of Pokémon that you hatch. The last way is by transferring your Pokémon, this will only give you one candy, but it is still good for clearing space.


    The store is where you can spend real money on in game purchases these can be; PokéBalls, Incense, Lures, Lucky Eggs, More Egg Incubators (so you can hatch more than one egg at time), bag upgrades (so you can carry more items) and finally a Pokémon Storage Upgrade (allows you to keep more Pokémon with you). The prices are paid in PokéCoins these prices range from £0.79 for 100 coins to £79.99 for 14,500 coins. Just to put this in prospective you can only buy 20 PokéBalls for 100 coins.


    Has that cleared it up?  Good.  Could you please explain it to Nigel then because he doesn’t get it.

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