The Year of UX

04.12.2018 | Content design. digital intelligence. SEO. user experience. UX. UX content.

  • Posted by Matthew Stone
  • MPAD Year of UX

    We’re on a mission.


    Our aim is to help organisations get more engagement, more customers, more revenue and more positive impact.


    It’s pretty simple when you put it like that. We know our clients want more, which could be customers, revenue, staff, volunteers. 

    We also know that the processes we’ve been developing over the last three years helps them to achieve their goals.

    This approach has a strong focus on digital and websites, however, we believe that this process can work across any media.


    The reason we believe this is because it’s about putting your customers, or users first. It’s about UX (user experience).

    If your customer has an issue, or a pain point, and you can help them find a solution as quickly as possible, then the chance of creating an engagement or a sale increases.


    However, being honest our current website doesn’t quite meet those standards that we are setting for our clients.

    It still looks ‘pretty’ and we still get lots of great feedback from clients, but it’s 4 years old and has not really been given the love and attention it deserves over the last couple of years.

    This has mainly been down to the fact that we’ve had a lot of changes going on in the business (and those who know us well will understand).


    Anyway, it’s time to put that right.


    If we want to take our clients through a process to give them something that helps them engage with their audience quicker and easier, then we have to be doing this for ourselves.

    So, we’re launching our own Year of UX. 


    Our mission is to sort our site out, using our process – UX review, SEO research and digital intelligence, UX content development / content design, wireframing, design and programming build. 

    The aim is prove to people that it works, that it drives engagement, customers, revenue and positive impact.

    We know this works for clients we’ve been working with, so we’re also going to be more proactive in telling you how it’s worked for them. 


    And now we’ve written it down, we have to do it. You have permission to hold us accountable to this action!

    We’ve also been discussing the opportunities to use our process to sell a product, something unrelated to what we normally do, to again show that our process delivers.

    This is the starting point. Over the next year we want to tell you about how we got to this process, what it has given our clients and us, and show you what it can give your organisation.

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