Testing, Testing

10.01.2019 |

  • Posted by Mark Picken
  • A big part of our Year of UX is to take a big, depth breath, and ask clients, suppliers and trusted contacts for feedback on the work we’re creating here at MPAD HQ.

    It can feel a bit daunting at times asking people to be brutal about your own work.

    We’ve spent the last 3 years developing our UX (user experience) process, which covers UX review, SEO research and digital intelligence, UX content development / content design, wireframing, design and programming build. 

    While we are really happy with this process, and are getting amazing feedback from clients that have been through it, asking other people who have not been through this process to comment on our approach, messaging, communication and design is still scary.

    You would think as we head towards our 20th birthday (1st July) that we’d be used to this by now!

    However, this feedback has helped us to evolve and develop. Mainly this has been around our Digital Intelligence reports, which incorporates a UX Review, SEO Review and Accessibility Review.

    We’ve created 2 versions of our UX review product leaflet that we initially began testing at Cornwall Chamber’s Cornwall Business Fair.  The current version is still too wordy for our liking, although a lot better than the first iteration!

    In order to simplify this even more and open up the content so it’s easier to digest, we’ve created graphics around the process.

    And, we’re looking for feedback on these! 

    We need to know if you think they help communicate the message well, or if you think that they don’t do the job, then we want to know why.

    Take a look at the images below and drop us an email with your feedback 😀


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