Putting Our UX Review to the Test

01.04.2019 |

  • Posted by Mark Picken
  • As part of our Year of UX, we have been really testing ourselves, our process and our information.

    One way we have been doing that is by going out and asking colleagues, associates and clients for proper, honest feedback on our messaging and our marketing material.

    The main one we have been focusing on is our UX (user experience) review leaflet.

    The UX review is a standalone product that we have developed over the last year or so, which analyses a business’ website and flags up any issues that may prevent customers from engaging and potentially buying.

    We also provide a host of recommendations and fixes to help overcome those barriers.

    We first launched the UX review leaflet at Cornwall Chamber’s Cornwall Business Fair in April 2018. We used the event as an opportunity to speak to lots of contacts and give them a copy of the leaflet.

    We then followed up with meetings and numerous coffees to get people’s feedback.

    Version 1 was a little too wordy.

    So we moved on to version 2 and again gathered feedback.

    And again, it was too verbose.

    MPAD UX review experts

    In version 3, we attempted to break up the text by adding in icons to represent the 4 steps we go through. But, the word count was still too high.

    Jump forward to January 2019 and my time on Content Design London’s 2-day content design course.

    Using the user journeys and user needs I developed, I started from scratch, rather than editing the existing content, and came up with version 4.

    I think we’re getting there! While this is much more concise, and clearer, there’s still some work to do to really hone the offering.

    But this is the amazing thing about user testing. Sometimes getting really useful feedback is a challenge (as we’ve found out on a couple of tenders lately). But by talking to people and understanding what they need to know makes it so much easier to give them content that is relevant to them.

    If you want to make sure your content is relevant to your audience and helps them make buying decisions quicker, then get in touch today.

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