5 PR & Marketing New Year Resolutions NOT to make for 2015

12.01.2015 | Email Marketing. Marketing. Public Relations. Social Media.

  • Posted by Julie Dearden
  • New Year, new you? What follows are the PR New Year Resolutions you won’t want to make for 2015…


    1. Give your social media influence a boost by signing up to all social media platforms.

    Upon first glance this may seem like a smart idea but not only does this scream jack-of-all-trades, master of none, it insinuates a thinking process with no strategy. Instead, choose a few carefully selected platforms based on the demographic that populates each social network. If your audience isn’t there, don’t waste your time.


    2. Get rid of your email marketing strategy.

    The only email marketing that is dead is the email marketing of poor quality. With a total of over 4.1 billion email accounts, email marketing is undeniably still relevant. Not only do people prefer email for communications but it is 40x better at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter. You’d be a fool to discount it for 2015. Just remember, start with a strategic plan if you really want to deliver it effectively. Create relevant messages that will have value for the recipients by knowing their needs, take advantage of this channel’s unique ability to target, and finally personalise your messages based on behavior.


     3. Coverage, coverage, coverage.

    Don’t get coverage for coverage’s sake. Be strategic, firing out a blanket press release to a number of journalists will only serve to irritate. The more time and effort you set aside into doing less the more valued coverage you will achieve. The same goes for content; you’ll get a much higher engagement level if you take the time to consider the audience and create quality over quantity.


     4. Create plans etched in stone.

    If you start a campaign and find that it is not delivering measurable results as expected there is zero point in continuing just to see it through to the end. Go back to the drawing board and change it. Rather than set yourself a year-long plan, try setting goals for the next three months. Staying agile and flexible is key to keeping your PR and marketing activity relevant and effective.


    5. Jump on the latest PR buzzword bandwagon.

    There are hundreds of PR and Marketing trend predictions for 2015. However, this doesn’t mean that every concept is for your organisation. Take gamification, the ‘process of using game notions and mechanics to engage users and change behaviors’. It’s been around for a while, but if you are dead set on employing it in a new 2015 marketing strategy but don’t take the time to research your audience and objectives you’re not likely to see the result you want. In a similar fashion, wearable tech, augmented reality or any of the other PR fads so fervently thrusted upon us are not for every customer and certainly not for every area of your business.

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