• 11.04.2019

    The Joys of Mapping

    As Jon Bon Jovi once said (according to a quote finder): “Map out your future – but do it in pencil. The road ahead is as long as you make it. Make it worth the trip.”     We tend to use Sharpies and Post-It Notes, rather than pencil, but the sentiment is the same. […]

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  • 01.04.2019

    Putting Our UX Review to the Test

    As part of our Year of UX, we have been really testing ourselves, our process and our information. One way we have been doing that is by going out and asking colleagues, associates and clients for proper, honest feedback on our messaging and our marketing material. The main one we have been focusing on is […]

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  • MPAD Year of UX - mapping user needs and user journeys for content design

    Year of UX – February 2019

    While our Year of UX officially started back in October 2018, we’re creating a month-by-month guide during 2019 highlighting the successes and challenges we’ve had during each month.   Here’s how February looked for us…..   How to turn 49 pages of content into just 6 pages We’ve been having fun using the content design […]

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  • Mapping our user journeys

    Year of UX – January 2019

        While our Year of UX officially started back in October 2018, we’re creating a month-by-month guide during 2019 highlighting the successes and challenges we’ve had during each month.   Here’s our January highlights Content Design training Attending Content Design London’s 2 day content design course at the very cool Waterloo Creative. The course […]

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  • Pizza - Domino's lost a court case in the US after its app was deemed not to be accessible

    Is your website accessible to all your customers?

    Let’s talk website accessibility and pizzas In January Domino’s was told that its website and app must be made fully accessible to blind people. The news came after a court in the US ruled against the fast-food pizza chain following a complaint from a blind customer.  Guillermo Robles, who began legal action against Dominos in 2016, […]

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  • 18.01.2019

    Five things I took from the Content Design London 2-day content design workshop

    Channelling my inner country bumpkin I headed to the big city for 2 days of learning on the Content Design workshop developed by content guru, Sarah Richards. There’s a caveat here – I’ve been working with Sarah for the last year on business development, and we’ve also known each other for, ahem, 25 years after […]

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  • 10.01.2019

    Testing, Testing

    A big part of our Year of UX is to take a big, depth breath, and ask clients, suppliers and trusted contacts for feedback on the work we’re creating here at MPAD HQ. It can feel a bit daunting at times asking people to be brutal about your own work. We’ve spent the last 3 […]

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  • 20.12.2018

    MPAD Year in Review

    Wow! We’re almost at the end of another year and it’s been a pretty epic so far (if you ignore that Brexit thing!). Outside of MPAD HQ we’ve had snow and an amazing summer, while England reached the semi finals of the World Cup and Gareth Southgate made waistcoats great again! Here’s a quick round-up […]

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  • MPAD Year of UX

    The Year of UX

    We’re on a mission.   Our aim is to help organisations get more engagement, more customers, more revenue and more positive impact.   It’s pretty simple when you put it like that. We know our clients want more, which could be customers, revenue, staff, volunteers.  We also know that the processes we’ve been developing over […]

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  • Why are you here? Opportunities for charities to create communications that count.

    Why are you here? Opportunities for charities to create communications that count.

    If you go by media reports then 2018 has been tough for charities. We’ve had the Oxfam, Save the Children and President’s Club scandals that, if you believe reports, have rocked the sector. On top of this, the new chair of the Charity Commission – Baroness Stowell – has said that: “People now trust charities […]

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  • 04.03.2018

    How Tom’s dadvertising combines awesome UX and a fear of death

    Appreciating the quality of a company’s UX (user experience) and UX content while feeling a strong sense of mortality is not an everyday occurrance. However, that happened to me just the other day when I was stopped in my tracks by a targeted Facebook advert (or dadvert) for has a simple mission: to […]

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  • 02.03.2018

    Beast from the East hits Cornwall

    We enjoyed a couple of impromtu snow days after the Beast from the East hit Cornwall on Wednesday (February, 28) and Thursday (March, 1) creating our very own snowmageddon.   With school closures and icy roads, the team ‘worked’ remotely – this included a rare outing for Mark’s 36 year old wooden Blue Peter sledge! […]

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  • 07.07.2017

    Cornish Creatives Collaborate to Grow Out of County Contracts

    Two Cornish creative agencies have joined forces in order to grow business on a national and international scale.   Leap, based in St Austell, and Truro-based MPAD will collaborate on projects in the charity, health, education and sustainability sectors.   The alliance was forged by Leap director, Matt Hocking, and MPAD director, Mark Picken.   […]

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  • Beardstroker beer

    MPAD is 18

    I was at an event in Exeter last night and bumped into an old acquaintance from Falmouth who runs a very successful Cornish company. As the presentations were about to start, he nudged me and said: “You do realise that we’re now in the elder statesmen bracket of businesses in Cornwall!” My immediate response was, […]

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  • Running a UX session for a leading Cornish charity

    Five Reasons We Love UX

      UX (user experience) is becoming a significantly more important part of the work we do to help clients have a positive impact.   Here’s five reasons why we love UX:   Understanding users With 7 billion now on the planet, the chances of marketing to everyone are pretty limited, so it’s important to know […]

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  • 01.02.2017

    Creative Inspiration

    MPAD’s creative director, Mark, took some time away from the office for a few days to take in the sights in London and get some creative inspiration.   Here’s a few highlights…..   Installations at the Tate Modern     William Shakespeare street art near The Globe Theatre     Interior at The Loft bar […]

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  • 21.10.2016

    What’s the Collective Noun for a Group of Designers Called Matt?

    After eight years we said goodbye to our designer, Matt Hollands, this week. Matt, who joined the company as fresh-faced 23 year old on a freelance basis in 2008, is moving on to pastures new. We’re very proud of how Matt developed his skills and talents during that time and are going to miss him […]

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  • 20.10.2016

    Favourite Christmas Recipes from the MPAD Team

    Thank you for all your support in 2016! Here are the MPAD team’s favourite Christmas recipes to give you some creative inspiration over the festive period. Picken’s Mince Pies Ingredients Mincemeat (I used two 411g jars of Robertson’s Classic Mincemeat) For the pastry 375g plain flour 260g unsalted butter 125g caster sugar 1 large egg, […]

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  • 08.08.2016

    Planning for the Future

    Cornwall-based communications agency MPAD is announcing a change in directorship. Rachel Picken has resigned as managing director to pursue her own consultancy and teaching business Agile PR, through which she teaches Chartered Institute of PR qualifications. Mark Picken, who established MPAD in 1999, will continue to lead the business, as it prepares to move to […]

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  • 19.07.2016

    Un-picking Pokemon

        Sitting in MPAD towers it’s easy to lose touch with ‘The Kids’ – which is why the yearly work experience period is so vital to us. Last week we were lucky enough to be joined by Jay Banks who apart from being a whizz with Photoshop and full of great ideas was also somewhat […]

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