About us

Whatever you need, if it’s branding, strategy, PR, design, digital content or media training – we focus on impact. We measure that impact in three ways – impact on you and your objectives; impact on the environment; impact on communities.

Based in Truro, Cornwall, we work with ethical and socially responsible brands and organisations throughout the UK.

Mark Picken launched MPAD in 1999, with support from the Prince’s Trust. As a result, we’ve always loved the third sector, and we’re passionate about social and ethical communications.

Once upon a time, when Mark had an office in a cupboard under the stairs, MPAD stood for Mark Picken Advertising & Design. It still does all of those things, but we’re much, much more than that.

Our big focus is on impactful communications, and in turn our agency’s impact on the environment and the community in which we work. We’re proud of our environmental management system, which tells us that since 2008, we have recycled the equivalent weight in waste as that as a hippo. Yes, that heavy, aquatic mammal – 1.5 tonnes in weight to be exact.

Check out our infographic here.

Latest MPAD news

Five things I took from the Content Design London 2-day content design workshop

Channelling my inner country bumpkin I headed to the big city for 2 days of learning on the Content Design workshop developed by content guru, Sarah Richards. There’s a caveat here – I’ve been working with Sarah for the last year on business development, and we’ve also known each other for, ahem, 25 years after […]

Testing, Testing

A big part of our Year of UX is to take a big, depth breath, and ask clients, suppliers and trusted contacts for feedback on the work we’re creating here at MPAD HQ. It can feel a bit daunting at times asking people to be brutal about your own work. We’ve spent the last 3 […]

MPAD Year in Review

Wow! We’re almost at the end of another year and it’s been a pretty epic so far (if you ignore that Brexit thing!). Outside of MPAD HQ we’ve had snow and an amazing summer, while England reached the semi finals of the World Cup and Gareth Southgate made waistcoats great again! Here’s a quick round-up […]

The Year of UX

We’re on a mission.   Our aim is to help organisations get more engagement, more customers, more revenue and more positive impact.   It’s pretty simple when you put it like that. We know our clients want more, which could be customers, revenue, staff, volunteers.  We also know that the processes we’ve been developing over […]

Why are you here? Opportunities for charities to create communications that count.

If you go by media reports then 2018 has been tough for charities. We’ve had the Oxfam, Save the Children and President’s Club scandals that, if you believe reports, have rocked the sector. On top of this, the new chair of the Charity Commission – Baroness Stowell – has said that: “People now trust charities […]